The digitally-intelligent engineering workforce.


March 18, 2022

Many engineering and construction companies are eager to hire, and job vacancies in the sectors are at historic highs. Direct and agency recruiters are reporting significant challenges in hiring staff, creating headwinds and in some cases resulting in project delays, project scale-backs and even the loss of project bids.

Right now, a significant challenge for engineering companies can be found in the high demand for digitally-intelligent talent. Traditional engineering jobs are evolving as engineering and construction companies augment traditional workflows with digital technologies that boost productivity, efficiency and workplace safety. These technologies can help bring assets, people, processes, and job sites onto one digitally-connected platform. This shift is creating greater demand for tech-savvy engineers, as engineering companies compete with other industry sectors, to fill key roles like data engineers, data scientists, coders and developers. 

Now and into the future, current skills shortages will force companies to adopt new talent management and workforce experience strategies, including:

Employing suitably qualified Engineering Migrant Workers
• Increase participation of women
• Upskilling / re-skilling of current workforce
• Engaging external talent pools
• Adapting current workforce strategies